The Incredible History of the Book of Mormon
People familiar with the Book of Mormon know the story of the Nephites and Lamanites. These are the descendents of Lehi and his family who left Jerusalem about the time of that city's destruction, circa 600 BC. They were instructed of the Lord to build a ship and sail it across the sea. They arrived in Central or South America where they prospered, multiplied, and eventually divided into two warring factions—the righteous Nephites and the unrighteous Lamanites.

These two parties engage in a long series of wars which take them across the entire North American Continent to what is now Western New York State where they fight until the Nephites are utterly destroyed. The Lamanites who survive are the forefathers of the American Indians.

Most incredibly, however, is that we are not only asked to believe this story, but we are asked to believe that parts of the story are repeated three different times by three entirely different groups of peoples who migrate to the New World from the Middle East—the Jaredites who came to North America at the time of the destruction of the Tower of Babel, the Nephites who came to South America in 600 BC, and the Mulekites who came nine years later. All these people were "led of the Lord" to make the journey, none knew of the others, but their descendents all managed to meet up—in one way or another—after they arrived. They all kept records on gold plates, hid them in or about the same hill over a thousand years, yet found each others records, assembled them together into an abridgement, left them in the ground for fourteen hundred years, and—finally—delivered them to Joseph Smith to translate.

Two of these groups numbering millions of peoples trudged across America to wage battles of annihilation on the same hill. They traveled with iron-wheeled carts, swords and breastplates, yet left not one relic as evidence of the battles.

The Book of Mormon is not a history of the ancient inhabitants of the American Continents. It is the implausible story pasted together from numerous sources and driven by an overactive imagination.

•A Chart of Book of Mormon Peoples