Incredible Migration of the Book of Mormon Groups to the New World
2500 BC 600 BC 300-100 BC 400 AD
Group #1
The Jaredites

About 100 years after the Genesis Flood, a group sailed from the region of "The Tower of Babel" to the North American Continent in eight strangely constructed barges.
By 600 BC the Jaredites had divided into two warring camps—one righteous, the other unrighteous. Their armies (2 million men each) fight to the last man on the Hill Ramah (which is also the Hill Cummorah and which is now located in Western New York State)
A man named Ether "hides up" the records of his people (gold plates).
  Group #2
The Nephites

About the time the Jaredites are fighting their war of annihilation, another band leaves the Middle East and boats to the New World—to South/Central America. These are the Nephites, the main people of the Book of Mormon. They multiply and divide into the righteous (and white-skinned) Nephites and the unrighteous (and dark-skinned) Lamanites.
About 100 BC, a group of Nephites (called the Limhites) who had broken away from the main body of Nephites migrate to the area near the Hill Cummorah. They find the gold plates of the Jaredites. Later they are reunited with the main body of Nephites and add the Jaredite plates to the main body of plates. A thousand years after the Jaredite battle on the Hill Ramah, the Nephites and Lamanites battle their way Northward until they arrive at the same hill (now called Cummorah). They also fight to the last Nephite warrior. The Lamanites who survive will become the American Indians. After the Final Battle, a man named Moroni buries the gold plate records of his people in the hill. Fourteen hundred years later he returns as the Angel Moroni and leads Joseph Smith to the plates (1823).
2500 BC 600 BC 300-100 BC 400 AD
  Group #3
The Mulekites

About nine years after the main body of Nephites came to the New World, another group also boats over. These don't land in Meso-America, however they land in North America—coincidentally not far from the what is now New York State. The are led by one of King Zedekiah's (the Bible) sons. They inhabit the land near the Hill Cummorah. Since this is about the same time the Jaredite General, Coriantumr, has slain Shiz, the Mulekites meet up with Coriantumr, who stays with them "nine moons."
Coriantumr tells them about the Jaradite "bloodshed" and they engrave the account on a stone tablet.
Sometime between 600 and 300 BC, the Mulekites are discovered by a party of Nephites, and so their records are added to those of the other groups.