Mormonism's misunderstanding of angels springs from its misunderstanding of mankind. If the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden was a true creative act of God, then mankind began in the Garden. This concept is not a part of Mormon theology. Rather, Mormonism teaches that men are "co-eternal" with God. So that the spirits of men were in the beginning with God.

Actually, there are two Mormon scenarios of Beginnings: in one, God wakes up "in the presence of spirits" (us); in the other, we are God's (Eloheim's)* spiritual offspring. In either case, we predate the "creative" act of God in the Garden. Mormonism sees that act as one in which God formed a physical body for Adam and then inserted a pre-existing spirit (which had either existed forever with God, or was "spiritually created" at an earlier time."

Mormonism not only blurs the line between men and angels, but between men and God. In Mormonism men may become Gods. So the question really is not simply "Are men and angels the same?" but "Are men and God the same?" That question will be explored in detail in the subject "Eternal Progression."

If one believes that mankind came into existence by a special creative act of God in the Garden of Eden, then it is simple enough to demonstrate from the Bible that men and angels are not the same beings. For example, the Bible tells us that angels were present at the very beginning of the creation of the universe (Job 38:4) before the galaxies, stars, sun, moon, and earth were created—and therefore long before man was created.

While the Bible does not go into tremendous detail about the nature of angels, we see them constantly contrasted with mankind. In the Bible, they not only predate mankind, but they are of a higher creative order. When, for example, Jesus Christ (who is God) came to the earth and took upon Himself flesh, the Bible says He (his mortal self) was created for a little while "lower than the angels." (Heb. 2:7) The Bible mentions "angels of God, his mighty angels, angels in heaven, archangels, and cherubim."

Bad AngelsPaul said that Christians are contending "against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Eph. 6.12. Bad Angels will in the end be cast "into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41).

Angel of LightThe Bible tells us that demons may masquerade as "an angel of light." (II Cor. 11:14) This terminology has a special significance for Mormonism.

*In Mormon theology, "God the Father" is a god named Eloheim.